3D2N with van rt and Tent Accommodation and Full board Meals.

2D1N with Van RT, tent Accommodation and Full board meals. 2D1N NO Van, with tent accommodation and full board meals.Calaguas tour☑️Boat Transfer Roundtrip☑️Lifevest☑Boat Insurance☑️Enviromental Fee☑️Resort Entrance Fee☑FREE use of CR/Shower☑️Free use of Tent☑pitching fee☑️Drinking Water (Mineral)☑️Ice Cube/Tube☑️3 Overload Buffet Meals for 2D1N▪︎DAY 1 (Lunch & Dinner)▪︎DAY 2 (Breakfast)☑️6 Overload Buffet Meals for 3D2N▪︎DAY 1 (Lunch & Dinner)▪︎DAY 2 (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)▪︎DAY 3 (Breakfast)☑️MT Dev’t Fee☑️Port Landing Fee☑Driver’s Meal⛔Exclusions 🚫ISLAND HOP & SNORKELING AREA⛔Open Cabana or Room Accommodation⛔Sand Bar (Pinagkastilyohan Island)🎒 Things Need to Bring 🎒•Vaccination Card•Valid Id•Facemask•Alcohol•Tumbler/Mug for drinking•Extra Money•Power Bank•Flash Light•Sunblock•Insect Repellant•TrashBag•Snorkeling Gear

more discounts for 12 pax above.

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